The famous Cow Parade is held in Moscow

Moscow Cow

Moscow Parade 2005: „Few artists do not dream of painting a cow. An artistically painted plastic cow becomes part of the CowParade and is exhibited for everybody to enjoy it the city’s most picturesque venues as part of the world’s largest art charity event.“

***update*** „Das große öffentliche Kunst-Event „Cow Parade” setzt seine Reise um den Globus fort. Nächster Halt: Moskau. Dort grasen die 500 kreativ gestalteten Kühe bis November 2005 – für einen guten Zweck.“

via: paperholic

Moscow Boys and Girls Celebrate Their Last Day of Schooling

mosnews: „May 25th in Russia is the day when school-leavers celebrate their last day at school. The day is called the „last ring” day, and the symbol of the holiday is a tiny bell that the youngsters wear somewhere on the breast.

The day usually begins with a posh ceremony at school, with teachers and headmasters saying goodbye to their students. The students usually prepare a concert to thank the teachers for all the hard work they’ve done.“