Moscow to collapse under the ground „A half of Moscow may potentially go under the ground. Scientists believe that more than 50 percent of the city’s territory is resting on geotectonic fractures. The ground may cave in and destroy the buildings in such dangerous areas, the head of the Digger-Spas underground research center, Vadim Mikhailov, said last week at a press conference in Moscow.“

Live8 Konzert mit den Pet Shop Boys in Moskau

SZOn: „Als letztes Land der G8 hat sich Russland der weltweiten Kette von Benefizkonzerten gegen Armut und Hunger in Afrika angeschlossen. Das russische Live-8-Konzert mit den Pet Shop Boys als Hauptattraktion werde am Samstagabend auf dem Roten Platz in Moskau steigen, teilten die Organisatoren mit.“

Pet Shop Boys are busy rehearsing for their Live 8 performance this coming Saturday. After confirming their participation at the weekend, Neil and Chris have gone straight into rehearsals with Mark Refoy (guitars), Dawne Adams (percussion) and Sylvia Mason-James (vocals).
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