Moscow Girl Found Guilty of Killing Rapist

Mosnews: Moscow Woman Awarded $1,500 After Killing Would-Be Rapist

mosnews: „A Moscow court Thursday sentenced Alexandra Ivannikova, a young Moscow woman, to a two-year suspended sentence for killing a man who tried to rape her. The court also ruled she should pay $9,000 to the family of the attacker, Russian news agencies report.“

Prosecutors Ask for Acquittal of Moscow Woman Sentenced for Killing Rapist

Russia’s Biggest Spammer Brutally Murdered

Mosnews: „Vardan Kushnir, notorious for sending spam to each and every citizen of Russia who appeared to have an e-mail, was found dead in his Moscow apartment on Sunday, Interfax reported Monday. He died after suffering repeated blows to the head.“

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Peking Express – Die Sieger

Presseportal: „Über 1000 Stunden Abenteuer und 10.700 Kilometer liegen hinter ihnen, 44 Tage lang haben sie auf diesen Moment hingearbeitet. Zwei Paare haben es von Moskau bis Peking geschafft und sich dort ein atemberaubendes Kopf-an-Kopf-Rennen um den Sieg geliefert. Schließlich sind es Marc (29) und Anja (26) aus Köln,…“