Benzina – Moskaus heisseste

The Cool Hunter: „What’s blonde, gorgeous and scratches alot? My cat Fluffy ..oh, and Dj Benzina. Introducing the sex bombs of all D.J’s . Born in Russia, Benzina started of as a school teacher. ( i don’t remember them looking like that) after moving to St Petersburg, Benzina worked as a choreographer and later her fabulously good looks got her work as a model and bit parts in music videos.“

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am 10.09.05 in Moskau

Fischer Spooner in Moskau „Eine Art rauschendes Fest mit Gesangs -und Tanzeinlagen, dargeboten von einer großen Rasselbande in ebenso extravaganten wie auffälligen Kostümen. Die haben, wie die Musik von Warren Fischer, einen unübersehbaren bzw. unüberhörbaren Bezug zum Style und Sound der 80er Jahre. Denn Fischer bastelt aus New Wave, Vocal-Synthiepop und Electro eine mehr als ansprechende Musik mit großem Retrocharakter.“

Club Gaudi 10.09.05 ab 23:00 Uhr
Skladotschnaja ul. 1, bld. 19
Metro: Sawjolowskaja

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Tanz-Club: Propaganda

Club Propaganda MoskauGO! Magazine: „Popular club with friendly crowd including lots of expats and students. Especially popular on Thursdays.“

MoscowOut: „Everything is very unexpected with this club, that is why going there do not think, that you ll get inside and have a good time there. Most probably gloomy security men will simply make you face the exit and won´ t explain anything.“

eXile: „After a long absence, we’re once again able to enjoy Probka. Try the weekends, when it’s not nearly as packed and there are still plenty of single student babes. Among easiest places to meet an affordable gal in Moscow…“

7 Bolshoi Zlatoustinsky Per. (M. Kitai-Gorod)
923-3494, noon-6am, Thu.-Sat. noon-7am