Nokia Trends Lab 2007

Nokia Trends Lab - Moskau

Heute Abend: Nokia Trends Lab präsentiert sich in Moskau

Nokia Trends Lab: „On November 23, 2007 Nokia Trends Lab festival, which combines popular music, modern art and the latest technologies, will be held in Moscow. Nokia Trends Lab is more than an outstanding musical event, it is a virtual experimental laboratory and a unique platform for mutual creative work of musicians, video and photo artists, designers and other interesting people seeking the ways of self-expression.“

Veranstaltungstermin: 23.11.07 22:00
Veranstaltungort: Pavilion Prod. (Donskaja str. 32, Schabolowskaja)
Eintrittspreis: 1000 Rub.

Video von der Nokia Trends Lab 2007:

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