Rockfestival – Krylia

Krylja 2007

An diesem Wochenende (Sa.,So.) findet das legendäre Rockfestval „Krylia“ (Flügel) auf dem Luftlandefeld Tuschino statt.

Russia Today: „Spread your wings and fly, as Moscow’s biggest open-air rock fest, ‚Krylia‘ (‚wings‘ in English) will be held at Tushino Airfield (Address: Metro ‚Tushinskaya‘) this Saturday and Sunday. Famous foreign artists, the best Russian rock and alternative bands and tonnes of cheap beer are waiting for you. Russian classical rock band ‚Alisa‘ is the headliner of the first day and Australian star Natalie Imbruglia will close the show on day two.“

Weiter Infos: Krylia Homepage

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